Monkey Business at NCI Vehicle Rescue

There was a great deal of monkeying around at NCI Vehicle Rescue when the insurance and vehicle recovery specialist hosted an entourage of monkeybike riders, some in fancy dress, on a fundraising mission for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance (YAA).

The annual event – this year a round-trip of Yorkshire’s hills and dales entitled Monkey Business – is organised by claims management specialist Bankstone, who invited motorcycle related businesses throughout Yorkshire to get involved in the monkeybikers’ cause. The tour took two days, including a lunch stop at NCI, and has so far raised nearly £6,000 for the YAA.

NCI, which employs around 40 people, delivers breakdown and recovery services under its  “rescuemycar” brand to privately-owned cars and vans, fleet vehicles and motorbikes, alongside insurance for motorbikes and bikers’ clothing.

NCI managing director Neil Richards-Smith explained: “We know well that breaking down in the middle of nowhere can be a real pain. At NCI we have great admiration for the monkeybike riders: they’re not only tiny bikes, but most can barely get to 50mph and are probably one of the least reliable forms of transport on a lengthy run like this. Undertaking a 250-mile tour of Yorkshire’s back-roads on these bikes was either heroic or foolhardy, but at least we supported the riders with a donation and some respite on their journey.”

To donate to the Monkey Business YAA appeal visit and click on the JustGiving link.

Photo captions:

NCI Vehicle Rescue getting up to Monkey Business, L to R: Alice Brownridge, Ashley Galton and Katie Ewbank of NCI

The Monkey Business fundraising team at NCI Vehicle Rescue