You’re Hired!! Apprenticeships At NCI

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Neil Richards-Smith, co-founder of NCI Insurance, talks about the benefits of the Apprentice scheme.

“NCI has a great belief in developing its workforce for mutual benefit. We want to give our colleagues an opportunity to develop their skills and at the same time use those skills daily to the advantage of NCI and also for the benefit of our customers. The flexibility of modern apprenticeships has meant we can pick appropriate modules to complement the training we do in-house and really push on quality of learning which then cascades down to other colleagues through knowledge transfer, all to the benefit of our customers. Its not like the old days of handing the apprentice a broom and a pair of brown overalls, this is a system every business can tap into for new and existing colleagues depending on the needs of the business. As a test we put all our managers through management apprenticeship and they all gained a nationally recognised qualification, it worked so well that we have now extended the program with a further ten apprentices. We wish them well and look forward to seeing how that new knowledge will be used at NCI”