4Paws Pet Insurance

The provision of insurance for pets is an extremely demanding and exacting arena. People are passionate about their pets and want them to receive the best possible care when they are ill or injured.

Great service in the event of a claim is paramount, as the pet may need a quick decision to help get the treatment when they most need it.

Policyholders want reassurances that everything will be done to make sure their pet gets better as quickly and painlessly as possible. We not only market, sell and administer policies we also handle claims on behalf of Insurers in our own 24 hour centre. We have the complete package for all our clients with ex veterinary staff working to ensure their knowledge and expertise benefits everyone.

Insurers providing cover on pet schemes want to ensure that an excellent service is provided for the animals but controls are in place to make sure the scheme runs well and at a profit. Many pet insurance schemes have failed recently due to poor financial controls being in place and creating an imbalance between premiums and claims costs. This results in insurers leaving the arena and clients not being able to find cover for their pets. We make sure this does not happen to our clients by being diligent and looking after the schemes very carefully.

We offer both a standard branded scheme and white label options to our partners with transactional website, training and documentation. Rating is simple and easy to understand. We are competitive but with profitability for everyone allowing sustainability.

For more information on our pet insurance please visit www.4Paws.co.uk