Providing UK and European Roadside Recovery (Breakdown) packages, offering both retail and white label schemes, covering cars, vans and motorcycles with vehicle-based, personal and fleet policies.

Rescue my car is our customer facing trading style of NCI Consultants Ltd. NCI Consultants is where it all originally began, back in 2000. With hard work and dedication, they secured long term commercial contracts with a number of national organisations that were the bedrock to the growth of the business. The fact that these contracts are still
successfully in place today is testament to their commitment to delivering results.

By developing the right commercial partnerships, the business is able to offer competitive prices and excellent policy benefits.

Bespoke platforms, electronic communication capabilities and a Turbo-Despatch System, enables our UK based team to react quickly to calls and disseminate accurate information to an independent network of specialist recovery agents, delivering a fast, flexible and reliable recovery service.

NCI Consultants Ltd has a proven track record of increasing yearly turnover and profits and delivering a consistent and excellent service throughout the customer journey.